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Free automatic fibonacci is an indicator which automatically assembles Fibonacci corrections based on this amount of bars selected in the barstoscan parameter. The Fibonacci lines are automatically updated instantly when new minimum and maximum values appear among the selected bars. In the indicator preferences, you can pick the levels whose values will be displayed. You can also pick the color of the levels, which allows the dealer to attach the indicator several times with various settings and colors. The settings are described below:

  • barstoscan – how many bars to check the values of the indicator
  • Level_1 – The first Fibonacci level
  • Level_2 – The second Fibonacci level
  • Level_3 – The third Fibonacci level
  • Level_4 – The fourth Fibonacci level
  • Level_5 – The Fifth Fibonacci level
  • Level_6 , the Sixth Fibonacci level
  • levelscolor – Color of the Fibonacci levels
  • FiboName is the name of the Fibonacci levels. When installing multiple copies of the indicator at once, they must have different names for the Fibonacci levels.

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