Forex Trading Conquers John L. Person: An Analysis

Forex Trading Conquers John L. Person: An Analysis

Forex Trading: How John L Person Successfully Conquered

In this ⁣amazing book, ⁢John covers it all. ​From trading systems ⁤ to money management to emotions, he​ explains ⁢easily how to​ pull money consistently from the most unpredictable markets. His strategies are based on decades of hard-earned knowledge,⁣ backed up‍ with comprehensive​ analysis to ⁢help traders achieve financial success. His money management tactics‍ allow traders to protect their capital when ‍markets don’t move in their favor. And his emotional strategies ​help traders to stay in control and‍ make rational decisions under pressure.⁢

John’s easy-to-follow guide shows​ traders how to identify entry and exit points, trade‍ smarter not harder, and use correct leverage for maximum results. ‌He also gives the secrets to overcome emotion-based‌ trading and⁢ explains why⁢ traders should ‘never give up’ when markets are challenging ‌them.

Learn the ‍Basics before⁤ Stepping⁢ into ⁣the FX Market

Though ‍it’s easy to get started trading Forex, it‍ pays ⁢in the long-run to have a⁤ thorough understanding of the nuances and principles of trading currencies. Investing ⁣in learning ahead of time can help traders avoid common mistakes and make better ⁣decisions​ in their‌ trading. A solid foundation of basic ‌knowledge, such as what‌ affects currency ‍prices and how to read and interpret technical trading⁣ indicators, ⁣is the key to long-term success.

John’s book helps readers ‍grasp these ⁣building blocks and rapidly build to more advanced concepts. He emphasizes the ​importance of ⁢trading psychology and equips traders with valuable emotional regulation ⁣techniques to remain rational even ‌in volatile markets.

Real Life Stories of​ the World’s Most Successful Forex⁤ Traders

From Larry Hite to⁤ Stanley Druckenmiller,‌ John’s book introduces readers to⁣ the⁤ real life stories of‌ the most‍ successful traders in⁣ the ⁤world. Readers will ‌gain a​ better understanding⁣ of the ⁣importance of discipline and dedication that awaits ⁤a successful trader. By​ hearing stories of top Forex traders and their successes, readers are sure to be inspired to persevere ‌on the path to their own‍ Forex trading success.‌

John’s book provides‌ a comprehensive look into the world of⁢ FX trading and‌ offers invaluable⁣ tips and tricks to get ⁣started. With market analysis tools ‌and ⁣psychological strategies, John⁢ is​ able to equip FX ​traders with the proven methods⁤ he⁢ has​ developed over a lifetime of trading. There is no single formula for ​success for trading in the financial markets, but​ this ⁢book ⁢comes⁣ close.

Introduction to Forex Conquered ⁣by John L. Person

John L. Person,​ experienced Forex⁤ trader and author⁢ of the book ‘Forex Conquered: High Probability Systems and Strategies for Active Traders’, provides a comprehensive guide to the successful trading of foreign currency.⁤ The book, released in 2012,⁣ covers⁢ the basics of the forex market, risk ​management, charting, ⁢and⁣ developing successful strategies‌ and​ systems. With ‌his⁤ years of experience dealing with the forex market in different markets, John L.‍ Person has produced a comprehensive guide which is designed to help both novice ⁢and expert traders in understanding ​the key principles of‌ the forex markets.

Overview⁢ of the ​Book’s Content

Forex⁤ Conquered⁢ is divided into six parts and 305⁢ pages. The first section of‌ the book deals‌ with the basic concepts of forex trading, including understanding ‌the⁤ market dynamics, identifies the ⁢common and uncommon money ‍markets,⁣ and outlines the benefits of using an integrated trading system.

In the second section, ⁢the reader is‍ introduced to the concept of technical analysis.⁢ Here, John⁣ L. Person explains charting principles, patterns, systems, indicators,​ and other tools used to⁤ help plot successful trades. Sections three and four address topics such as risk-management, how to ⁢choose the right trading ‍system, and developing a successful trading ‍plan.

Section ⁣five focuses on emotions ​such as​ fear, confidence, and confidence aversion. John L. Person explains that having the right attitude and understanding one’s emotional state can help ⁢achieve success⁣ in trading⁤ forex. In the⁣ final section, John L. ⁢Person provides‍ examples and strategies for successful trading.

Risk Management Strategies

The main concept that John L.⁤ Person focuses on ‍is the need to ⁤properly manage⁢ one’s risk. ⁣This is done by using correct money management principles and by safeguarding one’s‍ capital. ⁤He also recommends using stop losses and having an exit strategy which is well defined. ⁤Forex Conquered‌ provides readers with tactics ⁢to help them in⁤ entering‌ and exiting trades, as well as‌ the ​timing and criteria‌ for entering and exiting trades. By following the risk management​ strategies outlined in this book,⁣ traders will be able to protect‍ their capital and‍ make consistent gains.


Forex‍ Conquered provides an essential‌ resource for anyone who is looking to gain a better understanding of the forex trading market. Through his detailed and comprehensive guide, John L. Person has ⁢been able ​to ‍show‍ both beginner ⁣and advanced Forex traders how to capitalise on the potential⁢ opportunities in ⁢the market. With his extensive knowledge⁤ and years⁤ of experience, this book ‌dispels any notions that trading in the Forex⁤ market is a form‌ of gambling.⁢ On the contrary, John L. Person​ shows that‍ with wisdom, patience and good​ money ⁢management, ⁤trading⁢ in ​the⁤ Forex market can yield‍ consistent⁣ gains.