forex news website: Best Resources for Forex Trading News

forex news website: Best Resources for Forex Trading News

In the foreign exchange market, traders need access to reliable, up-to-date news and analysis to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Fortunately, the world of forex trading offers a comprehensive selection of websites that can provide traders with news, research materials, free data, analysis tools and trading strategies. Here’s a closer look at some of the best forex news sources available today.

TradingView is one of the most popular and comprehensive forex news sources available. TradingView offers a vast selection of the latest market news from sources around the globe, as well as charting tools, economic calendars, and real-time market data. Traders can use TradingView’s platform to track real-time currency rates, craft trading plans, identify trading opportunities, and even engage in virtual trading.

FXStreet is a leading source of news, analysis and studies on the foreign exchange markets. The website covers global events, economic commentary, forecasts, technical analysis, market sentiment updates, and provides an extensive collection of resources for forex traders. FXStreet also offers comprehensive market news, a powerful charting package, streaming quotes, and a “Shop” where traders can purchase additional trading resources.

Forex Factory
Forex Factory is one of the most popular forex news sites. Forex Factory offers real-time market data, economic calendar, news and analysis, trading tools, and tips & tricks. It also provides a forum for traders to share their experiences and collaborate with other traders worldwide. Forex Factory’s website is filled with a wealth of data, including the latest market news, technical analysis, economic calendar, live quotes, trading tools, trading strategies, and trading tips. is one of the top sources of news and analysis for traders looking to stay informed about the FX market. The website provides real-time financial news, currency converter, economic calendar, technical analysis, and a comprehensive collection of trading tools. also features a vibrant forum where traders can collaborate and discuss recent trading decisions.

DailyFX is another popular forex news source, offering detailed analysis of the latest market data. DailyFX features an expertly designed platform that provides traders with streaming financial news, charts, market analysis, research, and more. DailyFX also offers a comprehensive learning center that is packed with articles, tutorials, and video lessons on forex trading.

Investopedia is one of the leading sources for educational materials on the FX market. Investopedia provides in-depth articles, tutorials, and real-time financial news to users, helping traders to understand the world of forex trading. Investopedia also offers a comprehensive selection of trading calculators and tools, as well as daily market commentary, economic data, and economic snapshots.

Forex traders have an abundance of news and analysis sources to choose from to stay informed and ahead of the competition. From industry-leading news outlets to educational resources, the online world of forex trading offers traders a wide variety of web-based sources for news, research materials, real-time market data, analysis tools and more. Although the choice can be overwhelming at times, these top websites are great sources of information and insight for today’s forex trader.

Forex News Website Reviews

When it comes to searching for information and news related to forex trading opportunities, there are a few key sources traders can easily access. These websites provide up-to-date market data, news, commentary and analysis to enhance your forex trading knowledge and equip you with the information needed to make informed trading decisions. We have reviewed some of the most popular, comprehensive forex news websites.

FXStreet News

FXStreet News is a comprehensive source of forex news and analysis from a wide range of media outlets, including Bloomberg, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. The site’s high-level editorial staff team ensures that the latest news and analysis are timely and accurate. In addition to news and analysis, FXStreet also offers a unique section dedicated to economic news releases. This includes all major economic releases, such as GDP and employment figures from around the world.

DailyFX – Market News

DailyFX offers a wide range of forex news services, from daily email briefings of the FX markets to real-time news updates. The site’s Market News section offers up-to-the-minute coverage of economic indicators and events, macroeconomic trends, central bank announcements and geopolitical events that can move the markets. Additionally, DailyFX also provides an educational section geared towards helping traders learn how to trade and develop their technical trading skills.

Forex Crunch

Forex Crunch provides a daily outlook on the forex markets, with analysis and comment from a range of economists, analysts and market strategists. The website also provides an economic calendar that has detailed announcements of economic releases from around the world, along with projections for future reports. The site also offers a technical analysis section which provides analysis and commentary on various currency pairs.

Forexlive RSS Breaking News Feed

Forexlive offers a continuous stream of up-to-the-minute news, commentary and analysis from professional forex traders and analysts. The RSS news feed allows traders to stay up-to-date on the latest news and analysis, while also providing access to past reports and analytics. Forexlive also provides customisable alerts, so traders can receive instant notifications of any key developments.


MarketPulse is a comprehensive forex news and analysis website which is updated in real-time. The website provides detailed market news, technical and fundamental analysis, research, forecasts and commentary. In addition to the main website, MarketPulse also offers an iOS app that can be used to get live news updates and notification of any major events.


Currencies provides news and analysis of major currency pairs, as well as emerging markets. The website provides daily market commentary, analysis of economic events, technical analysis and in-depth reports. Additionally, the website also offers an extensive educational section, with tutorials, articles and videos related to forex trading.

Currencies – offers real-time quotes, news and technical analysis of major currency pairs and other financial markets. The website provides news and analysis from several well-known financial websites, including Reuters, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. Additionally, also provides a comprehensive economic calendar, technical charts, live currency rates and streaming news feed.