Financial Podcasts: A Guide to Forex Trading

Financial Podcasts: A Guide to Forex Trading

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The world of investment and trading can be a tricky landscape to navigate. With so many different options and opinions, finding the right advice for your particular situation can be challenging, especially if you don’t know exactly what you need. For anyone looking to discover the best financial advice available, podcasting can be a great source with a wealth of information. Talking to seasoned experts, traders and investors, there are numerous Forex trading podcasts worth checking out. Here, we look at ten of the top Forex trading podcasts, offering some top tips to make investment decisions that take your goals into consideration.

The Benefits of Forex Trading Podcasts

The Benefits of Forex Trading Podcasts

For those trying to understand the Forex market and seize the best investment opportunities, Forex trading podcasts provide an unrivalled resource. It is an opportunity to hear directly from the experts in the field, and gain invaluable advice from experienced traders. Many Forex trading podcasts provide step-by-step advice, delving into topics such as the mechanics of trading platforms, investment strategies and the potential pitfalls to avoid. The value of having this insight at your fingertips makes Forex trading podcasts a great alternative to printed information available from bookstores.

The availability of audio interviews and podcasts also provides a convenient way to access the information. Podcasts are typically free to access as long as the listener has a device or platform capable of playing audio files. As many people own devices capable of playing audio content, most need not pay for specific services to access the podcasts. Additionally, many of the necessary technologies to access Forex trading podcasts are free, such as the simple yet effective ‘tune-in’ technology found on many devices.

When looking at any type of advice regarding finance and the Forex market, the listener needs to take into consideration the credentials of the host. Much of this type of material originates from respected traders and market analysts. It is a good idea to consider the financial background and expertise of the host when evaluating the concision of the information.

Ten of the Best Forex Trading Podcasts

Given the amount of finance-related information available, it is important to understand which Forex trading podcasts offer the best advice. Here, we look at ten of the very best to help make the most of your money and help you reach your investment goals smoothly and effectively.

FX Talk – An Ebury Podcast: As the name suggests, the FX Talk podcast provides an in-depth analysis of exchange rate and currency movements. It covers the most active markets from the perspective of professional investors and traders. There are also interesting insights into technological developments taking place in trading platforms and their potential implications.

IG Trading the Markets: This series of podcasts aims to provide market analysis and insights to help with the decision-making process. From stocks to commodities and Forex, no topic is off the table. This type of information is especially useful for those less familiar with trading but who are looking to learn more.

Desire To Trade Podcast: A great resource for the budding Forex trader, this podcast series delves into the fundamentals needed to get started. Here, you can find tips on risk management, and developing a profitable Forex trading system. There is also the opportunity to hear the experiences of alternative traders to give a unique insight.

Chat With Traders: A popular podcast for the experienced Forex trader, this “chat show” style podcast consists of interviews with the biggest players within the industry. This means that not only the listener can discover new trading techniques, but also valuable new trading tools and mindsets.

The Trading Stronghold: Self-proclaimed as the podcast for ‘the busiest trader’, this show provides practical advice to put the theory into practice. Here, experienced traders offer advice on making successful trades and avoiding common pitfalls.

Rayner’s Trading Podcast: The main focus of this show is how to become a profitable Forex trader. One of the main features that sets it apart is that the host shares his own experiences within the industry. His journey from novice to expert is shared in a down-to-earth manner which make the advice relatable, yet invaluable.

The Network FX Podcast: Out of the seven podcasts currently hosting this show, 6 are dedicated to Forex trading, giving the listener all the latest info on the sector. They discuss potential set-ups and strategies as well as market analysis to improve the listener’s trading success.

The Forex Place Podcast: This podcast provides advice on balancing risk with the potential reward, as well as analysing markets and trends. The emphasis is on taking the listener from beginner to expert trader. With tips on how to set aside emotion to make logical decisions, this podcast is geared towards giving solid advice.

The Trader’s Life Podcast: This show focuses on another aspect of Forex trading – lifestyle. Hosts Chris Svorcik and Ziga Lipnik talk ‘off the grid living’ and affirm the idea that there are ways to escape the traditional lifestyle of the office and still make a success of trading.

Two Blokes Trading Show: Covering the world of investment, these two blokes provide the listener with some real-world experience in the style of a friendly conversation. In a similar vein, their consistent connection with the listener and in-depth information is insightful and engaging.

Finding the right advice and resources to make informed decisions in the world of finance can be a challenge. With the wealth of information available on Forex trading podcasts, the listener can get a jump start on achieving their investment goals. From understanding the fundamentals to gaining insight from experienced traders, these ten podcasts are a great place to find information needed to support your trading strategy.


Financial podcasts are an easy, accessible way to stay informed on the latest news in the financial industry. They offer valuable advice on topics such as investments, retirement planning, debt management, budgeting, taxes, and managing your finances. They are presented by experts in their fields who provide valuable insight to help listeners increase their financial literacy. In this article, we will review the top 10 personal finance podcasts of 2022.

Top 10 Personal Finance Podcasts

1. The Ramsey Show: The “Queen of Debt” Suze Orman, motivational speaker Dave Ramsey, and his team of hosts provide sound and practical financial advice. Through their weekly podcast, worry-free retirement planning, financial counseling, and other financial advice is discussed.

2. The Clark Howard Podcast: Hosted by consumer advocate Clark Howard, this podcast provides strategies on how to save money as it relates to investing, banking, taxes, insurance, and more.

3. Women and Money: This podcast is dedicated to helping women gain financial independence. It offers advice on everything from managing debt and credit, saving for retirement, and building wealth.

4. So Money: Host Farnoosh Torabi brings together world-class financial experts and entrepreneurs on a regular basis to talk about personal finance. Topics addressed include money mindset, budgeting, investing, entrepreneurship, and more.

5. BiggerPockets Money: Host Scott Trench shows listeners how to get started with investing and real estate. Through this podcast, listeners can learn how to become financially secure and build wealth.

6. Afford Anything: This weekly podcast introduces listeners to how to make educated decisions with their money and build financial freedom. Host Paula Pant educates listeners on how to get out of the rat race and achieve financial freedom.

7. Financial Feminist: This weekly podcast is aimed at financial education, empowerment, and inspiration. Hosts Melissa Leong and Sallie Krawcheck offer advice to women on topics such as investing, debt, and budgeting.

8. I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Author and investor Ramit Sethi gives actionable advice to help listeners become experts on personal finances. Topics discussed include investments, savings, creating multiple sources of income, and more.

9. Rich & REGULAR: Hosts Ahmad Ismat and Shanell Souza bring financial literacy to under-served communities. Through conversations with their guests, they strive to help people of all backgrounds access financial freedom.

10. Yo Quiero Dinero: This podcast is hosted by up-and-coming financial influencers Orlando Saez and Alex Puig. They dive deep into topics such as budgeting, debt repayment, investing, and financial freedom.


Financial podcasts are a great way to stay informed and educated on personal finance topics. Listening to a podcast can help you learn the basics of personal finance, save money, and become financially secure. The podcasts listed above are the best of the best in the personal finance podcast world. Whatever your financial needs may be, there is a podcast that can help you on your financial journey.