Extensions: Unbelievable Tool for Deleting All Indicators Fast!

Extensions: Unbelievable Tool for Deleting All Indicators Fast!

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In‍ Forex trading, ⁣MetaTrader 5 (MQL5) is a platform ⁢offering‍ automated trading based ⁢on Expert Advisors and custom indicators. As such, it is important to understand how to delete all indicators on a MQL5 trading chart. This article discusses⁣ the steps⁢ needed to remove all indicators from an MQL5 chart.

Identify and Find the Indicator
The ​first‍ step in ‍deleting all indicators from a⁣ MQL5 chart is to identify which indicators have been ⁢added to the chart. ‌This can‍ be done by right-clicking on the chart and selecting “Indicators ⁢List” from the drop-down‌ menu. This will open a ​window that displays a list of all the indicators ⁤on the chart. Once the indicators have been​ identified, the next step is ⁤to ‍find‍ the indicator short⁤ names. The ⁢short name⁢ is a representation of the ​indicator name and is used to⁣ locate and delete the ‍indicator from the chart. ⁤

Remove​ the ⁢Indicator
The ‌third step is to remove ​the leverage by using ⁤the short ‌name.‌ This can be ‍done by using the following‍ MQL5⁣ statements: MQL5::DeleteAllIndicators and DeleteIndicator. The⁣ DeleteAllIndicators⁤ statement deletes all⁣ indicators from the chart, while the DeleteIndicator statement deletes⁣ a single ​indicator identified by its short​ name. ⁣

Tips⁢ and Tricks
When removing indicators from an MQL5 ⁣chart, it is important to keep in mind that​ deleting an indicator​ does not affect the performance of the Expert Advisor, and that the indicators will automatically be recalculated ⁢when the chart ‌is ​updated. Additionally, it is recommended to back up the chart before deleting any indicators, as this will ⁣allow the user to quickly restore any changes they have made to the chart.

Removing indicators from ​a MQL5 chart can be a ‌simple process,⁣ once the user understands the steps needed to locate ​and delete ⁤the indicators. With‌ the use ⁣of the ⁤MQL5 ⁢statements DeleteAllIndicators and DeleteIndicator, it is possible to quickly ⁤delete⁢ any indicators that are present ⁢on a⁣ chart. Additionally, it is recommended that⁣ the user back up the chart before deleting any ⁢indicators, as ​this will⁢ allow them to quickly undo⁤ any changes they have made‍ to​ the chart.

How to⁣ Delete All Links⁣ in MQL5 for Forex ‌Trading

The MetaTrader 5‍ (MQL5) ⁤platform is the market leader for trading on the Forex market. It provides powerful tools for analysis, trading,⁣ and automated trading using ⁣Expert ​Advisors. This platform is widely used by traders and investors ‌to help them with ‍their currency trading strategies. To ‍effectively ⁢use MQL5, it is important to know how to delete all indicators and⁣ other​ chart‌ objects.

For traders who rely on technical analysis, the most common chart objects include support ⁢and ⁢resistance​ lines, trends lines, and pivot ⁤points. In order to⁢ speed up the analysis process, traders often install indicators that can ‌quickly give trading signals.‌ However, when⁢ traders use too many indicators, they often overlap, resulting in too much ‌clutter on the chart. ‍ In this ‍case, it is necessary to delete all ⁣indicators and other chart objects in ‌order​ to reduce clutter and give ‌a clearer ⁣view of the market.

In order to delete all indicators​ on the MQL5 platform, the first step is ‌to open the File menu, select the “Open a Data Folder” option, and ​then select the appropriate folder. After that, the ⁢MQL5 folder⁣ needs to be opened‍ and all the custom indicators should be deleted. Alternatively, the ⁢user can click on the chart, select the “Objects List” menu, press ⁢the “Control + A” ⁢keys ⁣and select “Delete” ‌from the⁤ menu⁤ on the right side.

Deleting⁢ too Many Cluttered Indicators in ‍MQL5

One of the⁣ main benefits of the MQL5 platform is ⁤its ability to customize ⁢indicators and other ‌chart objects.⁢ By default, the built-in indicators ⁤and chart objects are ⁤actually quite good, ‌but some traders prefer to create their ‌own custom indicators. However, if too many are installed, they ‌can⁤ quickly clutter the chart and make ⁣the‍ analysis process more difficult.⁤ In ​this case, it⁢ is⁢ important to delete all the extra indicators ⁢to reduce the clutter. ⁢

In order ⁤to delete all of the unnecessary indicators in the MQL5 platform, the user needs to ⁣click on ‍the chart, select the “Objects List” menu, and then press‍ the “Control + A”​ keys. After ⁢that, the ‌user​ can ​select “Delete” from‌ the menu on the right⁢ side. This ‍will delete‍ all of the indicators ​and chart⁣ objects from‍ the chart. It is important to note⁣ that deleting indicators and chart objects ​cannot be undone, so it is ⁣important to⁢ save ⁣the settings before deleting.


The MQL5 platform is great for⁢ traders,‌ investors, and analysts who need powerful tools for analysis and​ trading. However, ⁢if too many indicators​ and chart⁣ objects are added, it can result in a cluttered chart ⁢which can make it difficult to⁤ accurately ⁤analyze the market. To prevent this from happening, the user ⁤can delete all of the ​indicators⁣ and chart​ objects ⁤in the ​MQL5 platform. It ⁣is important to follow the‌ correct ​procedure⁤ when deleting indicators and chart objects in ​the MQL5 platform, as they​ cannot be undone.