Elder Impulse System: Your Guide to Forex Trading Success

Elder Impulse System: Your Guide to Forex Trading Success

What is the Elder Impulse System?

The Elder Impulse System is a trading strategy system developed by the well-known American trader Alexander Elder. This system is based on looking for and analyzing the market’s intensity or momentum. It combines trend trading with momentum trading and checks whether the bullish or bearish momentum is currently prevailing.

The system looks at a trend by using three indicators: a 13-period exponential moving average (EMA), the MACD and Elder’s Impulse System. By combining these three indicators when looking for trading opportunities, traders are guided through identifying strong trends, reversals and non-trending conditions. The indicators trigger buy and sell signals, like in most other technical analysis systems.

Elder Impulse System in Forex

The Elder Impulse System is no silver bullet for Forex trading. As with any trading strategy, traders need to practice this system and make themselves familiar with the way it works in order to see beneficial results. A trader who is relatively new to the world of Forex should not rush into applying the system directly. It might be more sensible to first work in practice mode until enough experience is gained and the system is fully understood.

The Elder Impulse System is second to none when it comes to Forex analysis. The system is quite straightforward to follow; it is composed of three simple technical analysis indicators, making it ideal for beginners. The system is particularly useful for identifying changes in momentum which could serve as a warning sign of the possible direction of future market trends.

How to Use Elder Impulse System in Forex Trading

The Elder Impulse System is used as an indicator to detect momentum shifts in the Forex market. To define the direction of the momentum shift, traders can look for setups that involve divergences between the indicators and the price. A divergence occurs when the indicator lines move in a different direction than the price. If the price is going up, while the indicators are going down, this is a bearish divergence, a potential signal of an impending trend reversal.

When the system triggers a buy signal, traders should look for the overall trend of the market to determine if the trading position should be opened or closed. Alternately, when the system triggers a sell signal, traders should look for the overall market trend. If the trend is bullish, it is likely that the position should be closed. In contrast, if the trend is bearish, the position should be opened.

Properly used, the Elder Impulse System can be a valuable tool for Forex traders. It is especially useful for experienced traders who are looking at longer-term trends, as it is tailored for detecting medium-term swings in the Forex market. Learning how to use this system can go a long way in helping any trader become a successful investor. Article type: Explenatory

Introduction to Elder Impulse System Forex

The Elder Impulse System is a trading strategy developed by Alexander Elder which combines trend detection and momentum assessment. This strategy is designed to allow experienced traders to identify important market trends in a timely manner and capitalize on those moments for maximum return. The Elder Impulse System is often used in Forex trading and works by utilizing two indicators: a specific exponential moving average (EMA) and the MACD histogram.

Analyzing with Elder Impulse System Forex

The exponential moving average is used in order to detect the trend in the markets. When its price moves away from the exponential moving average, this alerts traders to the fact that the current trend might be changing. The MACD histogram measures momentum and helps traders decide if the trend detected through the EMA is strong enough to capitalize on or not. By combining trend and momentum assessment, traders can use the Elder Impulse System to identify those moments when the trend is going to amplify itself and act accordingly.

Trading with Elder Impulse System Forex

The Elder Impulse System can be used as a standalone system or as a powerful tool to determine the bias in the market. When used by itself, this strategy requires traders to analyze specific parameters. If the MACD histograms signal a positive momentum, it implies that the current trend is strong and traders should look to capitalize on the move. However, if the MACD values signal a negative momentum, this implies that the trend may be reversing and traders should start locking their profits.

The Elder Impulse System can also be used as a tool to determine the market bias. By monitoring the performance of the EMA and plotting the trend lines, traders can get an idea of the underlying bias in the market. This can prove to be quite useful in identifying entry and exit points that take into account the ongoing trend in the markets.


The Elder Impulse System is a powerful tool for experienced traders who are looking to maximize their risk-reward ratio. By combining trend identification with momentum assessment, traders can make smart investments and navigate the markets with confidence. The Elder Impulse System has become an essential tool in the arsenal of many expert Forex traders.