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Cumulative Delta MT5

the indicator analyzes the quantity scale and divides it into two parts – the quantity of vendors and the quantity of buyers, and calculates the delta and cumulative delta.

The indicator does not flicker and does not redraw, calculations and rendering are done fast enough, with data in the reduced (relative to the current) phases.

The operating modes of the indicator are changed with the input variable mode:

  • Buy-displays only the quantity of buyers.
  • Sell-displays only sellers ‘ volumes.
  • BuySell-displays volumes and sellers and buyers in two separate scales.
  • Delta-the mode of the difference (delta) between the volumes of buyers and sellers.
  • cumdelta-cumulative delta mode.
  • cumdeltadaily-cumulative delta mode with zero balance at the beginning of each day.
  • cumdeltaweekly-cumulative delta mode with zero balance at the beginning of each week.
  • demandandsupply-displays a supply and demand chart.

Full data conversion is carried out once per minute, at a time when M1 opens a new candle, or user activity, namely, when scrolling the chart history when changing the time scale of the chart or if you change the current period.

By default, the starting point is the very first candle from the left border of the chart window. You can change the starting point using the barslimit input variable .

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The indicator works with both real and tick volume scales. The necessary scale is selected in the indicator properties using the input variable Volumes, which determines the Tick or Real modes.

If there is no data from any of these volume scales, or if there is no data for any period required for calculations, the indicator displays the corresponding message.

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