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Crazy Dancing Levels

Crazy Dancing moving RES/SUP amounts

Automatic redrawing of moving Supports and resistances amounts 

to indicate cost breaking supports (indicate SELL) 

or breaking resistance levels (signal BUY)

quite simple appearing index but very clever and smart overly !!!!

Main Inputs:

# of pubs to this service and resistances levels the initial change from start moving average for filter indicating

Smaller values for bars /shift inputs when utilizing higher Time frames (D1-H4) and the reverse higher values for reduced time frames (M30-M5)

* an Arrow UP/Down in case of Bear/Bull market opportunities

* you can also manage the colors of the sup /res moving levels 

* ALERTS enable/disable

A very helpful and smart indicator for all time frames  and All symbols


H1: Bars count = 5to 20; ShiftFromStar = 10-20; MA = 25

M30: Bars count = 10to40; ShiftFromStar = 25-50; MA = 50

M1: Bars count = 500 -1000; ShiftFromStar = 500-1000; MA = 1000

You will find the best combinations of inputs that suits you trading stategy !!

Free Download and Review Crazy Dancing Levels from

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Oxford graduate with honors. He worked in large financial projects for well-known Wall Street corporations. After he earned his first capital and a reputation as a successful trader, he opened his own company. At the moment, the growth of the company's capital is 20% per year.
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