Gkfx – An international investment and financial brand operating in global currency markets since 2009. Today the company has several representative offices in several European countries, which makes working with them extremely convenient.

At one time, the founders of GKFX put on honesty and openness. And did not fail. Today the company has a good reputation as a fairly reliable broker in the market and has never been a participant in major conflicts. To ensure transparency, they use the best technologies, AMTS Solutions, which provide customers with the opportunity to see the depth of the market in a glass and the size of slippage.

For convenience and better work, Gkfx developed its own full-fledged ECN (Electronic Communication Network). This is an electronic analogue of the exchange, which summarizes the trading applications of system customers and various liquidity providers. ECN is built on the basis of high-speed data exchange and its throughput is more than 30,000 orders per second. This system provides access to a glass of prices at the depth of the Level II market and is equipped with the functions of instantly calculating the average weighted price for the desired volume and One-Click-Trading.

At any time of the day on the site Gkfx You can see the full comparative statistics on spreads and download a tick history that allows traders to check the quality of execution. In addition to transparency of execution, Gkfx provides high security for trader accounts.

For maximum convenience, customers are given the opportunity to fine-tune trading for each demo and live account with a positive balance. In this case, one can not only deal with the lawlessness of suppliers, limit maximum slippage, but also improve the efficiency of the system by observing the size of slippage to all orders.

For traders with ambitions or for those who have not yet learned to feel the market and make profit from it, but really want to do it, Gkfx There is a PAMM service that brings successful traders with investors. A trader can increase the capital he manages and get a big additional profit, and an investor can profitably invest. The company, in turn, will act as an intermediary and save both sides from bureaucracy and non-trading risks.

What are the conditions?

Company Gkfx builds its work on an agent scheme. Absolutely all client applications are brought to the market, minimizing the conflict of interests between the company and customers. There are three types of accounts for trading, which are based on the MT4 platform: STP.MT4, ECN.MT4 and PRO.ECN.MT4. The company’s website does not indicate specific data on either spreads or swaps, there is only the wording “market. This tactic is quite clear: the broker emphasizes that the conditions of all transactions are dictated by the market, because they are displayed directly on the interbank market, and the client trades in the market, not against the broker.

All spreads have Gkfx floating, and their size depends on the situation in a glass of prices. At the same time, for brokers such as ECN, the broker provides a commission as a fee for services, so the spread, theoretically, may be zero. There is no commission for the STP account, and the broker's fee is added to the spread.

The broker demonstrates real liquidity, not hiding the real depth of the glass and allowing the use of scalping and hedging. Open information on the presence of slippage in any transaction also forms the overall picture. Wherein, Gkfx always indicate the amount of slippage when opening and closing a trade order.

Nothing to hide

GKFX is one of the few who are willing to work for their reputation. They provide a glass where customers can see the entire volume of current liquidity and even create trading strategies based on its analysis. On their website spreads spreads for all instruments are laid out, calculated on all ticks (average, minimum and maximum) for the last day. And moreover, they are ready for a detailed check. Any independent authoritative authority may ask you to show exactly how the company works according to market rules, and make sure that no muddy schemes are used. Even positive slippages (in favor of the client) are quite common for this broker.

It sounds quite convincing.