capital iq”: A Comprehensive Guide to Capital Markets Analysis

capital iq”: A Comprehensive Guide to Capital Markets Analysis

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For those traders who want to access timely and relevant data to inform their trading decisions, Capital IQ is the perfect tool. As one of the world’s leading providers of market intelligence data, Capital IQ offers the ability to access 75+ commodity categories along with 80+ foreign exchange markets. With parameterized searching capabilities and a great range of data points, Capital IQ provides traders with a powerful tool that makes researching and understanding different markets easier than ever. Therefore, in this article, we’ll explain how Capital IQ works, disclose the types of data you can access within the platform, and provide you with a few tips on how to make the most of the data Capital IQ provides.

What is Capital IQ?

Capital IQ is a financial intelligence platform provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. The platform provides data that helps fund managers, institutional investors, and professional advisors make better investment decisions. Capital IQ also helps organizations monitor the performance of complex industries, and manage their own portfolios. It provides market intelligence data to support the daily operations of those involved in the financial markets.

What are the Parameters of Capital IQ?

Capital IQ allows users to search for data based on parameters that are pre-defined. The parameters include the type of data required, the start date, end date, and ticker or CIQ identifier. The prefix of the formula will be =CIQHI, =CIQLO, =CIQAVG, or =CIQPC.

Types of Data Accessible

Capital IQ allows users to view data on futures contracts across 75+ commodity categories and 80+ foreign exchange categories. Additionally, users can browse derivatives prices for numerous relevant commodities such as futures, options, ETFs, and more. This data helps traders understand how different markets are performing throughout the day and can allow them to build informed investment strategies.

Tips to Get the Most From Capital IQ

1. Utilize the Customizable Dashboards

The customizable dashboards on Capital IQ are an incredibly useful tool. They allow users to create user-defined metrics, view equity relationships, and view marginable securities. Additionally, they enable users to easily compare numerous different data sets and monitor ongoing performance.

2. Understand the Analytics

The analytics and filtering options on Capital IQ ensure that users can access relevant and up-to-date data with ease. By understanding the analytic tools and the filtering options, users can quickly and succinctly tailor their search criteria and view the data they need.

3. Take Advantage of the API Library

Capital IQ also offers an API library, which includes various API types such as analytics, prices, and sources. By using the API library, users can quickly and easily access the data they need, when they need it.


Overall, Capital IQ provides an incredibly powerful set of tools for traders and investors. By utilizing the customizable dashboards, analytics, and API library, users can quickly gain a thorough understanding of the markets and easily tailor their searches to get the data they need. By understanding these features and making use of them, traders can get the most out of Capital IQ and succeed in their investments.

Capital IQ: Making Sense of the Global Financial Markets

The global financial markets can be intimidating for new investors, and even experienced investors can find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, S&P Capital IQ Pro enables investors to traverse through markets to uncover emerging opportunities and address challenges head-on. Capital IQ is the research division of S&P Global, one of the world’s largest providers of ratings, data, research, and the S&P Dow Jones Indices. Since its founding in 1998, Capital IQ has become a leader in global financial data trusted by thousands of finance professionals worldwide.

Here’s What Capital IQ Can Do For You

Capital IQ provides a wide range of data and research for investors, companies, and market professionals. This includes historical and real-time company information, comprehensive valuation models, and integrated financial analysis. It also offers easy-to-use tools unprecedented access to public and private equity markets, as well as powerful analytical tools to assess risk and build customized models. With Capital IQ, users can access up-to-date market analysis, competitor and peer company intelligence, and exclusive S&P Capital IQ commentary. By giving users a holistic view of the market, Capital IQ helps investors stay informed and react quickly to evolving industry trends.

Gaining Unique Insights with Capital IQ

Beyond the array of data found in Capital IQ, users also have access to unique insights. CapIQ models offer investors benchmark data comparison for portfolio composition and performance across sectors, industries, and countries. The suite of portfolio construction tools allows investors to quickly identify and address portfolio performance issues. Additionally, it provides more integrated financial analysis such as real bearings, per-share analysis, and multiples analysis. This helps users better understand the intrinsic values of investments as well as short and long-term market performance.

The combination of data, tools, and insights from Capital IQ, allows investors to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the market and helps identify emerging opportunities with greater precision. By leveraging Capital IQ’s capabilities, investors are able to get a pulse on the entire global financial marketplace and make informed decisions with greater confidence.