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Grid trading is a highly effective mechanical trading plan that is independent of management, capitalizes on volatility, and loopholes that the inner wave nature of the market.

  • easy to install and handle
  • No need for indicators or complex analytics
  • Grid trading does not depend on the timeframe
  • Does not require long market forecasting
  • Regularly withdraws money from the market
  • Easy to install and control.
  • Features and configurations-The Expert Advisor has lots of features and settings, so you can easily optimize your trading strategy.
  • The Expert Advisor can manage manually opened trades – the Expert Advisor can set a grid for manually opened trades. You can also enable the management of trades opened by another Expert Advisor.
  • Built-in automatic trading strategy-the Expert Advisor can manage manually opened trades, but you can also enable fully automatic operation. The Expert Advisor contains more than 16 automatic trading strategies for opening the initial trade.
  • Buy and Sell Grid-The Expert Advisor can manage both buy and sell grids at the same time.
  • Planned customization options. It is planned to introduce a unique customization code. When you enter it, the appropriate customization actions will be performed. The settings will be managed from an external file.
  • Pending orders are not placed, the Expert Advisor uses only market orders
  • Works in the Forex, CFD and futures markets
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  • At first, it may seem complicated and illogical.
  • Like most powerful tools, it is also dangerous.
  • Poorly managed grids can cause large drawdowns.
  • It requires more patience than regular trading.
  • It may require traders to change the paradigm.

Grid trading has become very popular among traders, as it does not use stop-losses, it is highly mechanized, does not depend on the direction, uses the internal wave nature of the market, does not require indicators or charts for trading, and can be easily automated. Grid trading uses a trading approach that uses fixed price levels to enter and exit trades. A grid is nothing more than a single trade or position divided into several trades that are distributed independently of each other at regular intervals.

A full description of the input parameters is available in the user manual.

Mohammad Ali is a technical analyst, trader, programmer, and founder of Capilta Business Solutions.

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