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Automated Actual Support Resistance A2SR

A. what’s A2SR?
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  • A2SR includes a special technique for determining the levels of support (requirement) and immunity (supply).
  • Unlike the usual methods on the online, A2SR uses the initial concept of determining support/resistance levels.
  • This original method wasn’t taken from the net, and it was not published online.
  • A2SR will automatically pick support and resistance levels according to your trading style.
  • Even in the event that you change the timeframe, the support/resistance levels will stay in place.
  • This is due to the fact that the current timeframe is not used to get the actual support/resistance levels.

A2SR has a complete set of trading tools.

B.Why do we prefer to use A2SR?

B.Quick guide to using A2SR.

  • in the “Discussion” section on page 17.

D.Input parameters

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  • Suffix Currency Pair – if the currency pair has a suffix, for example, EURUSDm, enter the value “m”. Leave this field empty if the currency pair name does not have a suffix.
  • SR Style-Swing-swing, Short-Term – short-term.
  • Use Bar Chart-By default-true.
  • Display Actual SR – By default, true.
  • Color level 1 – by default, clrDarkSlateGray.
  • Color level 2 – by default-clrDarkViolet.
  • Color level 3 – by default-clrBrown.
  • Display Trend – By default, true.
  • Display Arrow near strong SR (H4 only) – by default, true.
  • Arrow size – the size of the arrows. The default value is 4.
  • Use Push Notification-send push notifications to your mobile device. By default, it is true.
  • Push Notification for-1-only arrows, 2 – only support/resistance levels and breakouts, 3-everything. Default value: 1: arrows only.
  • Display alert on screen – false by default.
  • Display Jump/Fall (H4, Daily, Weekly) – by default, true.
  • Color H4 Jump/Fall – default is clrFireBrick.
  • Color Daily Jump/Fall – by default-clrForestGreen.
  • Color Weekly Moves – by default-clrBlue.
  • Display OB/OS – the default value is true.
  • Display SR and trendline Break – the default value is true.
  • Selectable automatic – the default value is true.
  • Color Trendline – the color of the trend line, by default – clrDarkSlateGray.
  • Display Early Sign Breakout/down – by default, true.
  • Display text early sign of a break – default is false.
  • Color D. S/R – default is clrTeal.
  • Color W. S/R – by default-clrChocolate.
  • Display USD/EUR Index – display the index of USD/EUR, the default value is true.
  • Margin left for IDX position – 600 pixels by default.
  • Margin bottom for IDX position – 75 pixels by default.
  • Initial range before breakout view H1 – By default, true.

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