Alpari Broker Scam: Uncovering the Facts Behind the Story

Alpari Broker Scam: Uncovering the Facts Behind the Story

What is forextrading/” title=”Analyzing Divergence Volume in Forex Trading”>Alpari?

Alpari is an international broker, founded in Russia in 1998. It offers trading in forex, CFDs, futures, indices, stocks, as well as numerous other financial instruments. Alpari also offers a variety of products, services and custom solutions for both experienced traders and newbies. The broker is regulated in a variety of jurisdictions, including the UK, Russia, the EU, mainland China, and the Cayman Islands. Alpari’s presence in global financial markets gives it a competitive advantage and makes it an attractive option for clients.

Alpari Scam?

As one of the world’s premier online trading brokers, Alpari has built a strong reputation for itself, offering customers a safe trading environment that is obviously free from any sort of scam. However, in the past few months, some customers have complained about Alpari taking off their account balance of 478 USD. This has caused some skepticism and doubts among traders.

What Really Happened

In order to clear the air, it is important to know what actually happened with Alpari that caused its customers to start raising doubts. It appears that the issue was triggered when Alpari opened a pending order for its customers when the price was 40 pips away from the pending order. This resulted in the company taking off 478 USD from each customer’s account balance.

It is also worth noting that Alpari has rigorously followed all the rules and regulations forforex trading, making sure that its customers’ funds are protected. Moreover, Alpari offers protection for its clients through its stop-out facility. This facility allows clients to claim their account balance back in case of any unfortunate or unexpected trading scenarios.

Finally, Alpari provides its customers with 24/7 customer support and other services, such as technical analysis reports, in order to optimize their trading campaigns and improve their trading performance.


The Alpari scam rumors have been circulating around the internet for some time now, but there is no evidence to support the claims. Alpari appears to be an honest and reliable broker, providing its clients with an excellent trading environment. Furthermore, Alpari offers a variety of products, services and solutions to cater to both experienced traders and beginners.

Looking for Alpari Forex Broker: Scam Review?

It’s always wise to check reviews of a broker before signing up to trade. This is especially important when trading with a broker such as Alpari, which is a well-known company that offers many different Forex services. This Alpari Forex broker scam review will provide an overview of the company’s offers and services.

Alpari is a leading international financial services provider in the Forex and CFD markets. It is regulated in several other countries, including the United Kingdom, and is a member of multiple international financial regulatory organizations. Furthermore, Alpari has been awarded internationally esteemed financial awards such as the “World Finance 100” in 2011.

The company offers a range of services for individuals and companies. Alpari offers a free demo account to help traders get familiar with the platform, as well as support to trade with a wide range of currency pairs, CFDs, commodities and indices.

Alpari Forex Broker Scam Review: Key Features

Alpari offers several advantages, including:

  • An NB RB license (Mabank, Cyprus).
  • A CySEC license (GKFX Financial Services Ltd., Cyprus).
  • An FSA license (FxPro Financial Services Limited, UK).
  • Access to a free demo account to practice
  • Promotions and bonuses.

In addition, the company offers customers news and analysis, education materials, and advanced trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 and 5, as well as cTrader. Alpari also offers a mobile trading app so you can trade on the go.

Alpari Forex Broker Scam Review: Pros and Cons

Alpari has a long history of providing Forex trading services. The company is regulated in multiple countries, has received international awards and recognition, and offers a wide range of services to both experienced and new investors alike.

However, there have been some complaints about long processing times for withdrawal requests. Furthermore, potential customers should be aware that trading in Forex and CFDs involves significant risk and, as such, might not be suitable for all investors.


Alpari is a reputable and international Forex broker offering services to both experienced and first-time traders. The company is regulated in multiple countries, has received esteemed financial awards and recognition, and provides clients with a wide range of services.

Nevertheless, customers should be aware of long processing times for withdrawal requests and the risks associated with trading in Forex and CFDs. It is wise to always do your own research before signing up to trade with a broker.