It is worth noting that the stock market crash, which probably everyone expected this year, did not happen. This last year few expected a failure of 15% and it happened. This time, such expectations were not met. And at the end of the year, everything that could have grown. Maybe everything will collapse in January?
It’s unlikely. According to the main indices, it is clear that the growth has passed since October of the month. The reason for this is the Fed, with its large program to provide liquidity. And only when this program starts to wind down, you can think about the fall. Will it happen in January? Let’s just say there are no prerequisites. This means that the market will continue to grow in the first months of the coming year. We’ll see about that. Let’s look at the U.S.-China trade disputes, the validity of the signing, and perhaps some additional events.
Today we note that there are no significant changes in trade ideas. The balance of power is about the same as before. From the general range falls and silver, which is just growing, but it seems that the main movement has already been realized. The rest, everything fits into the concept of risk-on.
And do not forget the presence of a thin market. Today half of the European sites are not working.
Trading ideas for today in such tools as, , , , , , , , , , , , and, s-P500, and, disassembled in a fresh morning briefing: