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Forex Profit Predictor Review

John Halpin is about to release a new forex trading software called Forex Profit Predictor in January 23rd,2012.

There is a lot of hype about this product at the moment but one thing is for sure, you won’t know if Forex Profit Predictor will actually work until you try it.

What is the Forex Profit Predictor?

The Forex Profit Predictor claims that it can help you generate massive gains in the Forex markets. One of John Halpin’s student, Derek Frey who is totally new in using the software applied the Forex Profit Predictor in his trades for 5 months. He saw a total jump of 680% in a live account.

Forex Profit Predictor is actually based on a technology in Rocket Science that is applied in the Forex market.

Here are a few notable events that has been accurately predicted by this software:

  • Clearly projecting the bottom in the Dow in the spring of 2003 (in the March 2003 issue of Futures Magazine).
  • That the multi-year bull move in the stock market might be ending (July 2007/ Futures Magazine)
  • and successfully predicted the subsequent downtrend that followed roughly 16 months BEFORE it occurred.
  • and in the April 2008 the model called for the May high and a subsequent drop thereafter.
  • It helped an executive of a major Wall-Street brokerage firm turn $700,000 into over $10 Million using these signals in a year.

If you want to increase profit in your trades, perhaps you can check out Forex Profit Predictor. Click here to go the Forex Profit Predictor official website.


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